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Belgrado - Barcelona, Spain

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Cronos about Madonna - 1985


Bad Brains

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Takkes Tyrannizer performing with Nocturnal at MDF 2011. Photo by: Daniel Muñoz

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7,263 plays You Hate Me & I Hate You GG Allin Public Animal # 1

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tough macho hardcore clan, values gone, macho men
accepted by this so-called scene
but it’s just and empty frame
trading creativity for safe conformity
expensive fucking tatoos, uniforms and shoes
nothing really matters, only the social ladder
climbing as high as they can, mister hardcore is back again
where has the social awareness gone?
it used to be fucking strong
it has been fucking killed, new school is dumb

not daring to speak out - scared of stepping on toes
but hardcore ain’t about - a popularity pole
so act and react - and bring the spirit back
make hardcore a threat again - to the business men

Agathocles - Empty Frame

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Effort Falls Down // Infest

Another fucking sheep
Running Scared Timid & weak
Learning The hard way
Getting it straight fast
Pain Brings answers
To wisdom lacked
Time mismanaged
Effort falls down